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Diamond Car Insurance Reviews

Diamond Insurance is one of the biggest car insurance companies in the world and established in the UK. Today, we will talk about some insurance explanation about the car insurance sector.

What is car insurance? -Car insurance simply explained

With the motor vehicle liability as statutory compulsory insurance, your damages are insured. The voluntary comprehensive insurance covers damage to your own vehicle.

Diamond car insurance- Automobile liability insurance

The holder of a vehicle is liable for all damage caused by his vehicle. He is legally obliged to cover this liability with insurance. The motor vehicle liability insurance protects car owners, owners, and drivers from damage claims of damaged road users. This can damage property, such as Repair costs to a participating vehicle or medical expenses and compensation for personal injury or other financial losses. Unauthorized claims are defended by the insurer at its own expense.

Diamond Car Insurance- Partial and comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is not required by law. However, this car insurance offers additional protection for liability insurance and covers damage that occurs to your own vehicle. Especially with new or valuable vehicles, this extended security pays off. You save on contributions if you pay a small amount out of your own pocket and agree on a deductible in the event of a claim. If the car has a low fair value, partial or full insurance is less important.


Diamond Car Insurance-The following vehicle damages are insured:

Partial coverage:

Fire or explosion, theft, robbery, direct impact of storm, hail, lightning or flooding, collision with wild deer (often in the comfort rate also horses, cattle, sheep or goats), glass damage, damage to the wiring due to short circuit, often in comfort Tariff also marten bite including consequential damages.


The comprehensive insurance also includes damage caused by own fault or a third party: self-inflicted damage to their own vehicle, vandalism, damage by unknown third parties, also driver’s flight

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